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Samye Designs

Samye design solutions is a design consultancy company. Samye has more than 10 years of experience behind in various aspects of design development and processes.

  • Craft Based Project
  • Fashion Accessory
  • Exhibition design
  • Image Building
  • Watch Design design
  • Product Building

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Samye Design Solutions Services

Samye design solutions is a design consultancy company based in Delhi. Samye has
more than 10 years of experience behind in various aspects of design development
and processes.

Listed below are some of the projects we have been involved

Craft Based Project

Based on a brief developed in discussion with Dastkar and RUDA, a marketing platform for crafts. Designed and developed contemporary footwear with the Badoo tribe of Rajasthan Orders were received from Fab-India and Otto Burlington Interna


Fashion Accessory

Based on the brief given by the client worked on introducing a new range of jewelry in silver, the project culminated with packaging design and visual merchandising for the collection.


Exhibition-World Gold Council

Exhibition design was done for the world gold council for the launch of its trend book in New Delhi.


Watch Design

Designed and developed a range of wrist watches for the Jayco Watches Pvt. Ltd., Delhi. The designs were the result of an intense study of the heterogeneous socio- Cultural set up of the Indian rural market, with special emphasis on Uttar Pradesh as the Sample market.


Image Building

Worked on creating a “Chinese sea-food Experience” through Red Snapper, a unit of the Sartaj Hotel, New Delhi. The project was a holistic design and brand development exercise, including logo design, furniture sourcing, layout and floor plan of the restaurant. Spinnrad GmbH Involved in setting up design studio for Spinnrad GmbH. The design studio was responsible for design and development of craft based products of South East Asia for the German market.


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project 1